Meet the RMTU 2022 Artists

Saraswathy Lakshmivaraham (California)


Saraswathy Lakshmivaraham, began her training in dance(Bharatanatyam) at a tender age of 4. After her arangetram, she was initiated by Guru Kalamandalam Vimala Menon into Mohiniyattom and ever since ,she has been able to stay true to both dance forms thanks to the strong support of her gurus. She has performed extensively in India and USA at various platforms.

Recently, she was invited to present Mohanam: Danca la classica de India ,at Iskcon and Nada Temple,Lisboa,Portugal Her passion for dance combined with a strong foundation in carnatic music has enabled her to choreograph to modern concepts without breaking away from the traditional style of Mohiniyattom.

In an efffort to take the artform to a wider audience, Saraswathy co founded the first ever organization in the Bay area exclusively encouraging Mohiniyattom, it is called the Mohini Studio. Mohini Studio is an organization that was formed with an aim to promote and create awareness of Mohiniyattom , a classical dance form native to the southern state of Kerala in India. Mohiniyattom is unique in that it represents the kaishiki style,in other words it is the dance that is tender, feminine and graceful, like the waves in a calm sea or the swaying of the paddy plants in the field in the breeze.